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Children make progress in Occupational Therapy with me because I am dedicated to their progress, I am trained in a variety of approaches and I use methods that teach the child how to problem-solve, how to be independent for their age, cognitive level, and abilities.

No matter what skill area your child is working on, I use a dynamic and personalized approach for the child to achieve sustainable results with a coaching structure for the parent and caregivers, because I believe it is critical for you and your child to have multiple “tools” in your toolbox. I take a real-life approach to your child’s areas of concern, avoiding cookie-cutter therapy.

The children that I work with are not in therapy with me for years, because they work on functional and attainable goals and when they reach their goals, they are meeting them on a consistent basis outside of therapy. Parents feel confident helping their child feel successful outside of therapy. While I dislike saying good-bye to some of the hardest working and cutest kids ever, I am so honored when they meet their goals.

It means your child has achieved independence in an area they once struggled.


I often have the same clients return for therapy and ask “OT Vanessa, can we work on this now?”

The children I work with make the most progress in functional skills because I expect a lot from them, with a loving approach, and they work hard. I happily teach and involve parents and caregivers to do the same.

Treatment techniques and approaches:

  • Primitive reflex integration
  • Sensory integration
  • Trauma informed approaches
  • Conscious parenting methods
  • Gentle parenting methods
  • Early Intervention
  • Biomechanical approaches
  • Muscle & Core Strengthening
  • Brain Plasticity approaches
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy strategies
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • SMHP (Handwriting Program)
  • Astronaut Training
  • Therapeutic Listening


Initial consults are free!

Call, text, or email me.

Purpose of a consult

The consult allows me to understand your specific concerns and goals for your child. I pride myself in the relationships I establish with my clients. Consults are an important step in determining how your child may benefit from therapy services, whether it is with Movement with Meaning or not, I have the referrals and resources to provide you with answers. An evaluation with me may or may not be recommended based on the information you provide.


Stop wishing you had the answers and start finding answers.


Evaluations are an opportunity for me to interact with your child one-on-one and devote time to you in-person to develop the best plan for your child’s individual needs.



See locations to know where I serve the children of our community!


The evaluation helps me understand your child’s strengths and difficulties, and we’ll discuss intervention strategies that will help your child reach their own level of independence and success.


An individualized approach is taken for every child to reach their level of independence.

Your child is successful with me because I take into account the whole child and what affects their brain plasticity the most – their ability to processing incoming information and express themselves, their neuro-musculoskeletal, sensory, perceptual, social-emotional, and environmental systems.

One treatment approach does not fit every child so I adapt my approach so that your child is challenged yet still feels successful and continues to make progress after treatment sessions have ended.

Treatment is recommended after an evaluation when it is demonstrated that your child’s participation in day-to-day events is limited or challenged when compared to same-age peers due to physical, emotional, behavioral, developmental, sensory, or social challenges.

Based on the information gathered from the evaluation, goals are established and measured each session to ensure progress is achieved.


Support and guidance is provided in a social and group setting!

Join the


During the evaluation, a frequency of treatment for one-on-one sessions is recommended based on the needs of your child, their motivation level and your schedule.

For your child to make maximum progress, sessions are typically scheduled 1-3 times per week for 60-75 minutes each session. If there is another frequency that is appropriate for your child’s needs, this will be discussed during the evaluation.


You have several locations to choose from. After our initial conversation, we can determine what fits your child best.

How to work with me:


  • Telehealth
  • In-person therapy provided at We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym in Brandon and Largo
  • Limited spots open for in-home in the Tampa area
  • Coming soon: Online courses to do therapy at your own pace!


I do not work directly with insurance companies.  This allows me to offer you and your child the high quality service you deserve. I will happily provide you with a Superbill to provide to your insurance for reimbursement. Each insurance plan is different, but over the years, many of my clients who choose to submit Superbills report receiving anywhere from 50-80% of the bill back from their insurance.  Please let me know if you’d like this as an option.


Acceptable forms of payment include: CC, FSA/HSA cards, check, cash, and various forms of electronic payment.


I am a direct biller for the Florida Empowerment Scholarship, (FES) formerly known as the Gardiner Scholarship, which means there is no out-of-pocket cost for your child’s therapy services.  If you are interested in learning if your child is eligible for this Scholarship, please ask and I will send you resources.



Please connect with me to see what I can do for you.