Benefits for Your Child

The instructor is an Occupational Therapist with a Master’s degree and 10 years of experience in physical rehabilitation, adapting activities for children with special needs, fitness and dance.

Participating in group classes with a therapeutic approach provides quality learning while improving social and motor skills.

Classes are structured specifically for children who need extra support socially or have physical limitations.

Classes are kept to a ratio of 4 children: 1 instructor.

Children who have wheelchairs, walkers, or other adaptive equipment are highly encouraged to participate, because the class environment and structure supports your child’s needs.

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Vanessa Fox“Miss Vanessa, what’s your experience with Dance and leading Groups?”

I have 15 years of dance experience, ranging from ballet, jazz, hip hop, and danceline (think: high kick lines similar to the Radio City Rockettes, only I was on a less famous team!)

Within the past 10 years, I have lead groups in a variety of ways- I coordinated dance and art groups alongside Child Life in the outpatient department of All Children’s Hospital. When I lived in Minnesota, I was a dance instructor for children of all abilities ages 2 to 6 years-old and I volunteered as a dance teacher at an outpatient therapy clinic and taught children with a variety of disabilities.


Blending my passions: dance, physical activity, education and occupational therapy, your child with special needs has a unique opportunity to boost self-confidence, improve social skills, and be a part of an inclusive extracurricular activity that encourages physical activity and that fits their personality.


Not all children need or want to dance, which is why Team-building Groups are offered as an alternative.